The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman – book review

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman is an extraordinary novel that bursts of magic, friendship, and bravery. I was swept by the world full of possibilities Pullman has created and I can’t help but marvel at the journey he laid out.

The story follows Lyra Belacqua, a precocious girl left in the care of priests in Jordan College where she enjoys clambering the roofs and exploring dark crypts of the ancient buildings. From there, her story escalates into a series of unimaginable adventures and unexpected encounters. Her world is in accordance with the laws of magic, theology, and science that she is destined to get tangled and be a major player in whether she liked it or not. Hence, no matter the consequences of her dangerous path she would fight for what is right to no end.

I think one of the themes that touched me the most was the bravery Lyra presented. It’s so admirable of her to continue even when she’s tempted to give up; even when she’s at a loss. Her characterization is much more developed than the other characters that I was able to understand how much weight she’s carrying on her shoulders and how young she still is.

Furthermore, the other characters were amusing to read especially Lee Scoresby, the aeronaut. I liked how he keeps it simple and real even though his job isn’t something as simple. I also liked how you wouldn’t expect anything from the characters; they’ll surprise you, anger you, and keep you on your toes. Everyone was entertaining to read and I hope to see them again in the second book.

The plot is so fast-paced that in a blink of an eye everything changes and I had to backtrack sometimes because I couldn’t believe something happened and then you’d just want to continue and see what happens next until you’re in the next chapter, then the next, and so on. Also, the very first chapter was so interesting I just knew it would be a great book and it was!

There were a few flaws, however, that made me question how probable this book is but then it is a fantasy book and I think I was just in shock on how unbelievable the plot twists are. There were so many that unfolded in the story and it was immensely overwhelming–although not confusing–and I think that’s why it’s very appealing to children and adults.

I’m delighted I finally got around to reading this book, it’s been bugging me that I have not. This is a book of strange yet engaging creatures and different yet familiar worlds that will leave unforgettable adventures in your memory and make you want for more.


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