Two kinds of people

Soul mate. According to the Merriam-Webster, it means someone who suits your temperament. Someone who strongly resembles your attitude and beliefs.

Maybe several people think they only have one soul mate in their lifetime. They meet that one person they feel most at peace with; the one who’s going to be there to save the day before their hearts completely shatter; the one who’d lend his/her raincoat to them even if s/he would end up getting drenched in the pouring rain; the one who will always have a handkerchief to wipe their tears away.

However, maybe somebody can have a couple or more soul mates; somebody may see their dad to be the one they’re most at peace with. Or they may see their best friend as the one who always saves the day, or their brother to lend his raincoat or hankie. These people may be soul mates to each other–all connected because they’re destined to be together.

But what do I know? Maybe I’m wrong and there is just one for each person. Nonetheless, it’s not often that they’re The One.

From what I’ve perceived is that The One is known to be the most unexpected person you have never imagined to be with. Also, The One may just be right in front of you but you’re too blind to see them. I don’t think I’ve met the one for me yet although I’ve always thought that The One will surpass everything I’ve dreamed them to be and then turn everything upside down to be quite the opposite but is everything I’ll ever need.


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